Wednesday, Day 4- “Short” Day

We made to through the half way point!

Here’s a look back on Wednesday:

It was supposed to be our shorter day because we were to be honored by various officials and volunteers at Hank’s restaurant last night. However Kid’s First always works until the job gets done, and you can’t rush an artist at work. So the day promised to be shorter, but still heavy.

Dr. Fitch and Dr. Mencio started the day with a lengthy bilateral valgus derotation osteotomy, open reduction of the left hip, bilateral femoral osteotomy, and left pelvic osteotomy. If that sounds long it’s because it was. The case didn’t finish until after noon. Meanwhile next door Dr. Stutz started with an equally long builateral hand and foot synpolydactyly reconstruction that also was not finished until after lunch time. Dr. Andrews on the other hand was rockin’ and rolling and cranked out a left girdlestone/left removal of hardware, a couple of TALs, tendon lengthenings, and a few osteotomies himself. There were definitely less feet than Tuesday, but there were a few PMRs by Dr. Stutz and the Fitch/Mencio duo. Yesterday’s most notable surgery however was a bilateral PMR in which Dr. Stutz, Dr. Mencio, Dr. Fitch, and Dr. Mayer all assisted in at the same time. Two feet, 4 doctors. We’re all about efficiency here at Kid’s First.

The day got away from us once again, and before we knew it, it was seven o’clock; time to go to our celebration! Plot twist: half the team was still operating. The kid’s are always our first priority! So some of us booked it over to the celebration at Hank’s while the rest of the team finished up. We had a wonderful dinner and presentation by the mayor’s wife Karla Ramirez de Trejo who is the president of DIF. Thank you so much to the government of San Miguel, administrators of El Hospital General, and all the volunteers for the amazing dinner and ceremony! We are always so appreciative of how much you do for us and how welcome you make us feel. The team had a fun evening of food and laughs before making our way back home to rest up for our last day of surgery. Where does the time go??

Today’s spotlight is on team anesthesia! Joe, Ralph, Jessica, Emily, and Young make up this dynamic group. They are the first to see the patients before they come back for surgery and keep them calm and pain free. Plus, surgery is a little hard to do if the patient is awake. They also serve as team DJ with their awesome playlists that keep the OR jammin’. Ya’ll are rock stars! Thanks for all that you do!

The team is up and moving and we are already through our first case today. Marissa, Janine, and Allison had to leave us today and their presence is already missed! Safe travels ladies! Las, las, las is not complete without you three!!

Ps-I should have said this days ago, but thank you SO much to Mack for working tirelessly for two days straight to get our WiFi set up! This blog would not be possible without you. And our WiFi-addicted team would be a lot less happy without it. Thanks Mack attack!

PPs- We have officially bought all the white chocolate covered Oreos in San Miguel. Billy Grande is not happy. #prayforgrande

I hear a bone saw going…must mean it’s time to get to work! Adios!

Stephen Justis