Tuesday, Day 3- head, shoulders, KNEES AND TOES (…and hips and legs)

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The team is already moving on today’s cases, but here’s a recap of what took place yesterday…

Yesterday was probably our longest day of the week. Whoever said hump day is a hill to get over clearly was not at El Hospital General on Tuesday. The day began with a little tag team action by Dr. Fitch and Dr. Mencio as they both started with a bilateral open hip reduction and pelvic osteotomies. Next door Dr. Andrews started his day with a proximal femur reduction and Dr. Stutz started his first of 3 PMRs for the day. As the day progressed, you would think our team of doctors and nurses has turned into a crew of yoga masters. The day saw some lengthy surgeries and who wants a back spasm in the middle of a hamstring lengthening? Stay tuned for our Kid’s First yoga classes offered at your local Y coming Fall 2014.

Lower extremities seemed to be the theme of yesterday. While there were a few hands here and there, all four surgeons had more than a few hips, knees, and feet. In total the team did 17 surgeries yesterday. No that’s not a typo. By the end of the day, the couches in the lounge sounded as good to most as our beds at home. The team didn’t start leaving the hospital until 10:30, but most weren’t gone until 11:30 or 12:00. Burning the midnight oil takes on a whole new meaning when it’s actually midnight…

However, we would have been here much longer if it weren’t for the team that keeps the OR moving. Therefore today’s spotlight goes out to our talented circulators and scrub nurses! Again, disclaimer, many team members have many jobs, but this crew is comprised of Dana, Allison, Leslie, Lynn, Danielle, Sylvia, Regina, Janine, Jan, Valerie, Jeff, Pat and Patsy! Better known as Daner, Al, Lester, Lynnie, D, Sylviaaaa, Reginia, Janine the cast master, Val, superman Jeff, Jan Jan, all-smiles Pat, and Patsy not Pasty. We do nicknames well around here. These people are responsible for keeping the ORs running. They know the doctors’ next moves before they make them, and keep moral high in the OR. Everyone knows that ORs are the most peaceful and low-stress places in the hospital so who wouldn’t want to spend 15 hours a day in there? We salute you nurses! Thanks for always laughing at Dr. Andrews’ jokes.

The day ended with the team’s close friend Naomi bringing her famous tamale pie and tres leches cake for dinner at the hospital. An added bonus was seeing her adorable son Oliver! Nothing like cake and babies to make you smile at the end of a long day. Thank you Naomi!

We want to take a minute to say a special thanks to Cassie Dobbins at Williamson Medical Center and Andy Moore and Marilyn Burns at Symmetry for the instrument donations!! Also a special thank you to Al Catullo at Stryker for your support.

Lynn and Dana with our wonderful instruments!!
Lynn and Dana with our wonderful instruments!!

It was a long day but as always a great one and incredibly rewarding. We are so fortunate to get to do what we do every day. Gotta go, Billy Grande is trying to buy a toaster oven for the break room…no Grande, no!!

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Hasta luego!

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