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Kids first Pediatric orthopaedic surgery missions:

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Kids First was founded in the early 1990s, by three Duke University-trained orthopedic surgeons. The three saw a need for pediatric orthopedic outreach in South and Central America and through connections and friendships, launched the inaugural trip in 1991.




Kids First is the creation of three Duke University-trained orthopedic surgeons who saw a need for pediatric orthopedic outreach in Central and South America. A launch in 1991 has led to a total of 18 trips with many of the same members still taking part since the inaugural departure. Since 2005, Kids First has been visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with several pre and post-operative visits also taking place. The Kids First team has evaluated over 5,000 children and performed over 2,600 procedures since 1991. Typical surgeries include, congenital limb deformities, poorly healed fractures, infections of bones and club feet.



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