Remembering a Special Team Member Today

As we head into the end of our last full day of surgery, we wanted to take a second and remember a woman who was a friend to us all and a valued member of our team, Yashica Baker. “Cheeks,” as well all affectionately called her, was an incredible woman who was a valued member of the KF team and came on many trips with us, even bringing her daughter, Diamond, a couple of trips. Cheeks past away last August after a long battle with Lupus, and this is our first trip since her passing. The hearts of all of the KF team and countless others have been heavy the past few months without Cheeks, and the trip just isn’t the same without her.

Cheeks was the definition of hard work and patience. She stayed until the job got done. She was steady and reliable and her smile lit up a room whenever she walked in. Her legacy lives on through her incredible daughter and team member, and we are so proud of the young woman that she is. We love you Diamond and the whole team is always here for you!

Cheeks embodied all that Kids First stands for, and we are all lucky to have known her. People like Cheeks are the reason why Kids First works. They are the ones who give life to this organization. Her memory and legacy will always remain in the hearts and minds of the KF team. Here’s to you sweet friend!


Stephen Justis