Hump Dayyyyy

Buenos Tardes friends! The day is well underway here in El Hospital General. Hump days are always days to push through. We’re three days in and if our feet swell anymore, Jan and Janine are going to have to fashion us all special shoes.

Last night ended around 10 PM. Highlight of the night was finding Marissa’s phone that had been missing since 7 AM. PSA to the general population of San Miguel, you can call off the manhunt, crisis averted. Another highlight was our friend Naomi’s fabulous and world famous tamale pie that she so graciously brought to the hospital for dinner last night. Thank you to all of our volunteers and friends in San Miguel who shower us with food, accommodations, support, and care year after year. This trip would not be possible without you!

Today we have 14 cases, and this morning is off to a great start. Dr. Andrews has completed a right femoral osteotomy, Drs. Fitch/Mayer have also seen a hip (open reduction), and Drs. Stutz/Mencio have completed a bilateral supramalleolar osteotomy. Everyone is on their second case. Drs. Mayer/Fitch/Mencio have three spicas in a row today so if you hear heavy sighs from across the country, you’ll know where they’re coming from. The other heavy sighs will be coming from Dr. Andrew’s room if they don’t hear some more Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Today’s spotlight is on team anesthesia!! Joe, Cliff, Michael, Buffy, Young, and Greg make up the fabulous team responsible for keeping our babies pain free, stable on the table, and so much more. From Ohio to New York and everywhere in between, team anesthesia comes together every year to help our kids. We can’t thank you enough! Kids First also wants to give a special shoutout to Dr. Tobias’ son, Drew, for winning his baseball tournament yesterday. Congrats from Kids First, Drew! We’ll be your first sponsor when you make it to the big leagues.

That’s all for now! Again, we are having trouble uploading pictures but hopefully there will be some tonight! Go to Twitter and Facebook to see pictures from today. Hasta luego!

Stephen Justis