Finished a tremendous trip to San Miguel de Allende

We just finished a tremendous trip to San Miguel de Allende. Counting the children we examined in February on our pre-operative trip, those in the clinic on Sunday, May 18, and those who came to the hospital during the week we were operating, we evaluated over 230 children. We performed 149 operations on children who would otherwise not had access to any surgical care.

We continue to enjoy the support of a dedicated group of volunteers, a wonderful hospital staff, and a committed group from the local government (the Presidencia), and DIF. We could not accomplish our goals without such incredible support.

Drs. Greg Mencio and Chris Stutz will return to San Miguel on July 3 to examine all of our patients.

We look forward to our next surgical trip—May 16-24, 2015.

Thanks again to all of our readers and supporters.

This year’s blog was written by Rena Clayton Rolfe, who was on her third Kids First trip. She is an invaluable member of the team, and by far our best blogger.

Billy Andrews

Stephen Justis