2017 Trip is a GO!

Good Jueves morning from the Kids First Internet Café!!

For those of you new to our website or blog, welcome! Each year we try to update our loyal fans via this blog, our Facebook page (Kids First Orthopaedics), Twitter, and website (kidsfirstortho.org). Internet can be spotty at times so pictures on this blog may be limited. Apologies for this being the first post of the week. It takes Comcast a while to reach us. However, check our Facebook page for more pictures.

The #KF25 anniversary tour is off to a great start. Yes, believe it or not, this is Kids First 25th birthday. We are feeling so very fortunate to have been traveling the world performing orthopedic surgeries for underserved children for 25 years. Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers, and families for allowing this organization to thrive for the past 25 years.

Back to this year’s trip…

We arrived Saturday and held a productive clinic on Sunday where we evaluate patients and determine if they are surgical candidates or not. This year we saw 218 kids in clinic and signed up 56 for surgery. Our busy Sunday translated into a busy yet productive first day of surgery on Monday. We operated on 14 children and the theme of the day was feet and hips. We left the hospital Monday night for one of our favorite restaurants, Correo, before heading to bed before an early morning. Tuesday was much longer than Monday with 17 total surgeries. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and we were able to leave last night by around 10 PM. Yesterday we finished earlier than normal thanks to hard work by the whole team. We had several adorable babies in the PACU yesterday so it was hard not to have a smile on your face (even through the ear shattering screams). Today is technically our last day of surgery and we are already off to a great start with the first patient in the room! Here’s the insider scoop of what else you need to know:

  • We have some new trip members! Welcome Katie, Becca, Angela, and Alex!! We’re glad we haven’t scared you off yet.
  • Tootsie rolls are in fact nutritionally sound on this trip.
  • Grande still doesn’t know how to say “Soriana” (the grocery store) and has successfully confused at least 3 San Miguel cab drivers
  • We still aren’t here to paint (25 years later).
  • Cloth gowns are in this year.
  • Team Diezmo Viejo house (Heather, Dana, and RC) is on day 3 of surviving on unflavored rice cakes. They’re getting hangry. Stay tuned as to whether or not they survive.
  • “24K Magic” has been played 50+ in the PACU

That’s all for today! Keep checking back each day for a more detailed account of what all is going on and continue to check our social media pages!! Hasta luego!

Stephen Justis